“Anne Luna is an outstanding bass player who delves into the heart of the instrument. I am a mandolin player who was interested in reaching deeper into instrumentation, and I took Anne’s ‘Bass Class for Beginners.’ She was able to show me simple techniques that I could use immediately to begin playing simple bass lines. Anne is a treasure. She clearly and concisely starts her students on a journey of bass basics. TAKE HER CLASS!!”

-Lynn McDaniel

Lessons and Workshops


Live online lessons


Anne offers lessons tailored to your needs and goals as a musician. She emphasizes ease and healthy ergonomics while feeling the groove and building on layers of listening skills. Always encouraging, she offers insights into jam skills, performance strategies, building dexterity and strength, approaches to solos, practical music theory, and, of course, how to have more fun playing. Classically trained, she can get you started on bow techniques using either German or French bow.

Taking lessons online offers great flexibility as well as saves you time and money that you would otherwise spend driving to lessons. This also allows you to take lessons is a comfortable environment that you create in your home or office, or, allows you continue lessons while you’re traveling!

For inquiries or to schedule a lesson, email anne.luna21@gmail.com

 photo credit: Dawn Kish