Anne Luna –

For 2018, here are my top goals:

1. To hone my craft as an instrumentalist and vocalist. I currently tend to “play” more than “practice.” Or, I’ll practice when I’m going into the studio for someone, learning a new tune, or dusting off technique. I want to get back to a more consistent practice. For me, the bite-sized, doable portion for now looks like a minimum of 20 minutes per day.

2. To improve my online presence. Currently, it’s a bit haphazard. I want to bring some intentionality to my time online. This includes getting my own website up and running; reviewing current videos, photos, bios, etc.; and improving my own interaction with others online by actually commenting instead of just giving a thumbs up or a heart.

3. To improve the quality of my teaching. There’s always more to learn when it comes to teaching, and, because I value my students and their time, I want to up my own game. This will include reviewing, organizing and updating current handouts; reviewing feedback received over then years; and–a project I’m still excited about–work on my own bass method/book.

4. To welcome collaboration. I have the tendency to work as a sideman and to defer to others. I want to play a more active role in the groups I do play/perform in, organize other groups (even if just to jam), be brave and do open pics by myself, and otherwise step up and out there more.

5. To declutter my space. This is a big one. I find I don’t create well or easily amidst clutter. I am continuing the work of decluttering physical space as well as my email.

Amidst all that, perhaps the biggest goal is simply to not take myself too seriously.

Zak Sloan –

Resolutions….eh….I have a few. Actually I have a lot. When I originally drafted this list I had about 15 resolutions but I cut them down my top 5. So these are the 5 things that I’m going to focus on in 2018.

1) Improve my live show

Yep. Numero uno for me is to improve my live show. That means for my band & for myself as a solo acoustic act. I’m currently reading a book by Tom Jackson about effective live performance & it’s helped a ton already. My plan is to make 2018 the year where my live show makes the jump from good to great.

2) Keep releasing music, but get ahead one month.

I’ve been really good about releasing music regularly. BUT I need to get ahead a month, which means in January I’m going to cut TWO songs, one to release at the end of January & the other for February. Why would I do this? I don’t have time to adequately promote my music when I’m wrapping a song up on the 20th of a month. That means I can only let you know about the song for 10 days before it’s released. I’d prefer to have music done well in advance so I can adequately promote the music & let you know what is coming down the line.

3) Establish a better schedule!

I plan to start blocking off my time better so that I’m spending about 50% of my time on music creation & 50% of my time building my business. Right now I do the work as it needs to get done, but I feel like I’d be more efficient if I blocked off my time better.

4) Start booking more house concerts.

Why? Because they are fun! I’ve got one set on 2/17, so if you’re in the Castle Rock area you can RSVP by emailing me at

5) Continue to build the songwriter community in my area.

I’m loving getting to know more & more songwriters. I want to help establish a community where we can perform our music while supporting each other. Music doesn’t need to be competitive. There are enough ears for everybody!

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