There’s something magical and slightly intoxicating about music festivals.

There’s literally music in the air, often accompanied by delicious smells of barbecue, roasted corn, kettle corn, turkey legs… Sometimes there are beautiful women gently swaying with hula hoops, kids blowing bubbles, and couples holding hands. There are impromptu jams under trees, under awnings, behind tents—where you will often witness (and maybe even be a part of) some of the best music in your life. Moments listening and watching live music not only cultivated appreciation and inspiration for making music in my teenage heart, but has continued to give me some of my best moments of deep reflection and filling my pool of inner peace. Some of my dearest friendships were born around the campfires and jam circles of various festivals. It seems appropriate that I’ve met many of closest friends at music festivals.

In the meantime, the Hard Road Trio is back playing the Southwest Pickers Bluegrass and Traditional Music Festival in Red River, NM, this weekend. We have new tunes and are grateful for every chance we get to perform for a live audience.

Come join us if you can!

You can find out all the details at here.

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